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1. sugar-glazed, sugar filled - definitely not suitable for diabetics or obese people! ( how can i forget the sweetness and the way you make me feel so special and loved? how can my sweet-tooth say no? )

2. highly addictive - dangerous to your health! may cause excessive and irreversible dependence. ( i am having a terrible time adjusting to life without you here... im having the froshie syndrome again. there's just no getting rid of thoughts of you, i can't. i really sound and look pathetic, and im very much aware of that... im so sick of crying myself to sleep na... waaaaaaaaaaa =( )

3. cute fat fingers and small fingernails ( i never liked uncle bob's fat fingers, whammo's was better, but yours is the cutesiest pa rin.)

4. 34" jeans and a nice butt! ( 'guess that's enuf, no more side comments! )

5. strong, well-formed and lean legs    ( ahem, este amen ! theres that soft spot i like remember? i miss that... )

6. yummy yummy melt-in-the-mouth red lips ( period! )

7. kisser  kisser kisser ( you have this seemingly inexhaustible energy source for kissing me and kissing me and kissing me! that i cannot beat! )

8. eight-oh-eight ( when the lights are low, we like the number 8,  when the lights are out, things go higher than 8! except for that unforgettable day... 5th of june, a sunny day in mactan airport! )




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