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Text Box: I am confused. Somehow, I have never been so lost, unhappy and so unmotivated. And just as I need the people I love the most at this very moment, they seem to be all gone and away with their own troubles. Indeed, love is the only price of love. Loving has never been easy and never will be. How hard it is to love and just love. An aching soul needs the warmth of another. How then can I just love and let it end there. Or don't I know how to love really? At this point in my life, I am most amazed of  God's love. For it is like no other. How could He not stop loving me - this selfish sinner. And if one day, I get to meet God, the first thing I'd ask Him would definitely be about His love for me and for everyone else. Maybe I could make things simpler by just telling myself that I am not God so I shouldn't bother myself of the same selfless, unconditional love. Has God intentionally put this limitation to human beings who are said to be created in His own likeness or is this simply a figurative phrase that is not to be taken literally lest we struggle for the totally impossible. Or are we really destined to become like Him? I do not know. I do try. I have fallen too many times. Do I have to stand up each time I fall like God did? What if I decide to just fall and never get up? The laughters and scorn are shameful but they do fade away with time just as too much pain can be numbing. I do get tired of trying.





Ciao! Io sono Melanie. Sfogliare le pagine per l'opportunitą di dare un'occhiata alla mia storia, e ai miei amici.