I discovered something new from a doctor. Alam n'yo ba, may dalawang klase pala ng feminine wash?!
Ang isa everyday wash, ang isa naman gamot.
Yung nakasanayan ko, gamot pala!? Pero kung walang sakit, di kailangan ng gamot araw-araw.
Kaya pala I felt dry and irritated.
That's why I switched to new pHcare feminine wash. With the right pH level of 5,
tamang-tama ang pHcare for daily use.
I'm clean, mabango, malayo pa sa infections! Kaya sa pHcare, no need to worry.
Dapat we always take extra care of ourselves.
Kasi, may partner na tayo.
Discover the right pH. For everyday feminine care, pHcare


Dont Talk to Strangers!

  • Vaginal ANTISEPTIC with Lactic Acid
  • Too acid. Has a pH of 3.5
  • Prescribed for infections that need acid/ anti-microbial therapy: i.e., vaginitis, leucorrhea, vulvitis, vulvar pruritus
  • Has germicidal ingredient Povidone Iodine
  • Iodine is not advised to be in contact with skin for more than 15 sec due to possibility of being absorbed in the bloodstream
  • Used as therapy for wounds, external genital irritation with odorous secretion
  • Has anti-bacterial TEA TREE OIL and LACTIC ACID
  • Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic ingredient used to treat fungal / skin infection (i.e, pimples, and other skin / gynecological infection)
  • Cleansing agent heavily loaded with surfactants
  • Surfactant level same as dishwashing liquid