The Men

Here's the hormonal teenager side of Melanie...I have discovered that my saliva is kinda useful other than for eating or kissing - that is, for drooling over these yummy yummy men!!! Nah, I'm not really a maniac or anything of that sort. And of course I don't drool like your   doggies...You know, since we belong to the highest class of the kingdom animalia, human drooling should be different and should be done with more sophistication...Yeah yeah, nonesense shit whatever...So here they are...               


                                                            Ethan Hawke

                                                            So what's with you baby? It's the way you look rough 

                                                            and sexy...It's with the way your eyebrows meet (with

                                                            closed eyes of course) while you kiss a girl...It's the 

                                                            nice body I saw in Gattaca...or the voice that really 

                                                            sucks when you sang in Reality Bites... 










                                                            Adam Sandler

                                                            Okay, c'mon, say he's a moron...I don't 

                                                            really know if he is...But, for sure, he's 

funny, sexy, and cute - for me, that is....What more? Hmmm he was born 

on September 9, 1966. Too old? Whatever...



                                                    Liam Neeson

                                                    Way way too old...born in 1952 but still as

                                                    sexy as ever...









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