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These are silly things...

color - black (obvious enough?)...but if you're gonna argue that black isn't a color, well then, okay, blue.

cartoon character - betty boop! calvin and hobbes

movie - contact, my movie with boomboom (na release na ba? on dvd ha!)

hangouts - coffeeshops... i've grown older i guess 

people - aileen, boomboom, dad, jenny, mom, shiela (alphabetical order, ok?)

get-up - tank tops, shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts... the basics

cologne - white scents (a mark's and spencer cologne)

perfume - angel (thierry mugler)

perfume (men) - blue jeans, acqua di gio, 360

subject - yuck!!! is there such a thing??? hehehhe o sige, data structures and algorithms! ahahahahaha okay database, systems analysis and design! (nyarrr...)

teacher - manny dy (definitely! - he was my philo teacher for 3 sems!)

music - anything not too loud... i like r&b, jazz, classical, piano, techno etc.

artists - enya, ebtg, texas, soraya, m people, hootie and the blowfish, prodigy (an xception), lisa loeb, kenny g, yanni, shawn mullins, maxwell, donna lewis, diana king, desree, lighthouse family, eric clapton, babyface, the corrs , alanis morissette, natalie imbruglia, sarah mclachlan, madonna, mariah, boyz2men, smashing pumpkins, fat boy slim, and a lot more...

men - BOOMBOOM, liam neeson, ethan hawke, antonio banderas, adam sandler (now laugh!)

women - alicia silverstone, meg ryan, drew barrymore, sharleen spiteri!

pasttime - sleeping , going out, surfing the net, talking and doing THINGS with boomboom

food - steaks, seafoods, meat dishes,   ahh any food that's not either raw, bitter or has bagoong...oh i forgot, i love eggs! heheheheh (low carbo!!!)

drink - milk!!! caramel macchiato of starbucks, iced coffee, tequila, vodkaaaaa, melon/strawberry lambanog, cable car's mudslide!, screwdriver, kahlua, mule, vat (heheh joke!)

footwear - sandals, birks, ankle boots

software - photoshop! frontpage!

what else? any suggestions?