The Dark Side

I can only write poems when I feel intensely happy or when I am very sad or when I am in rage and I can't vent out my anger. Each poem has its own story to tell and and a distinct mel-emotion (as i wish to call it). There might be some that could sound so desperate or shocking. And some can even be incomprehensible --- probable outcomes of similarly incomprehensible feelings. My poems encompass my frustrations, my anger, my dreams, and my fantasies. And maybe through these pieces of me, you may be able to see a little of the "me" that can never be expressed well enough by the "melanie" that you see.



The ABCs of Wanting You

This poem is dedicated to all the assholes in the world. This was created out of anger for an asshole (as expected) who wrecked my friend's life. Y______, believe in girl power !!!

Anything goes

Between the times of me

Calling you, and you,

Doing the things you do.

Each and every day, this

Fire burns and burns, and I

Go falling deeper and deeper into a

Hole of infernal heat.

I was the

Joke that made you laugh. I was the

Key to no one else's door. You

Leave me hanging here like a

Moron whom you called

Nice and sweet coz

Orgasm is such a sugar

Peak like the glucose that I am.

Queer, but I am in

Rage coz

Shitfuck, you only wanted a fuck when you said that my

Tits were tequila-perfect. And as you lick, shoot, and suck,

Underneath these clouds of lust, you feel the

Virgin-tight, pulsating, wet pussy of the

Wasted bum quite unlike the soggy cunts of women in the

X-rated movies that

You've seen a

Zillion times.

The Self

It was a moment of solitude...a poem from the deepest part of me

A throb.

A beat.


A sigh.

A breath.

From within...

This feeling


This vision


From the eyes.

Through the soul.

Lifting the spirit

To great heights

Where emptiness rules.

Nothing to see

Nothing to think of

Nothing to feel

But the wholeness

Of me...

Untitled 1

deadly insecurity...ehehehe i am not as pathetic as this poem...really...


Looks at me.

I can do anything.

I can stumble.

And fine.

Nobody sees.

I can be at my best,

I can be beautiful,

Still nobody sees

Because you don't.


...nothing sexual here okay?

Feel the beat

Of a cold, cold heart

Taste the bittersweet love.

Catch a glimpse of a falling star.

Look now.

I'm here lying

In naked bliss,

Feeling you,

Wanting you,

As I gasp for the last breath,

The last sigh,

Before I bid goodbye.

Untitled 2

I was hurt sooooo badly...

My seared flesh


As a dagger


This shrunken heart

Drained out of

Thick water

From you.


A soul in solitude.

A frightened child in hiding.

A broken poem unread.

A song unsung.

Evolution and the wonders of it...have you ever thought of the wonders of death?

A sigh is heard

When I can smile no more.

A look speaks

When I can't say a word.

A tear falls

When nobody sees.

A world is reborn

When I am no longer me.

Bookshelves (AdMU Rizal Library)

fear and frustration...dahil siguro sa sobrang lamig ng library...hehhehhe

A place full of you.

My refuge...

"Take solace here"

I say to myself.

Home is where my toes curl.

Home is where my jaws shiver in cold.

Home is where you are.

And in these four corners of Home,

I sit and wait.

And wait and wait and...

Take refuge

Take refuge?

And die in vain?

Untitled 3

cornyyyyyyy grabe...


smiles and I shiver

nods and I feel cold

Looks at me

And my heart


...loses its beat

And I...

Am no more

I am lost

I am nowhere

For you never looked

You never smiled

You never nodded

And I ceased to be.

Frozen Kiss

You will never understand...never.

Why have you shown me

How to smile again

Only to leave me

With this blank stare

Pasted on my face

As I watch you laugh

At me and this madness.

You have brought me so much

But you have taken more

My pride, my self

If not, my all.

I have been patient

Yet these eyes are open.

And though you blindfolded me

I see everything

I see the truth

I see you


Upon this cold grave

Where you laid me

Not in peace,

Thinking I am nothing

But a frozen kiss.


Julie, this is for you... life is precious inspite of all the bad things that are all over us...

Life is

Puffing a cig

Sometimes it chokes you.

At times it warms you.

When it turns out perfectly

Like the smooth smoke

Gliding down the throat

Oh that feeling!


But at times

We must learn to let go.

As we do

When we breath out

That warm, white smoke...


And then we puff again...


figure this out...


I gave you

A promise of love.

And by your hands you held it.

Pure and white

Was my love

For it flowed from my heart

That way.

As it left your hands

A stain remained.

Now in your heart,

It's not the same

Pure and white.


I turned my back in shame

As you looked down

And saw your hands




Those eyes.

The look.


Those lips.

The smile.


About Untold Feelings

A jack in the box

Dying to pop out

From where

You dare not even touch.

I'll Wish

galit ako!!!

I wish for stars

That are way too far.

I wish for heavens

Not meant for me.

I wish for the rainbows

Whose colors match not mine.

But I'll wish

...because nobody owns the stars

...because heavens were not made for you

...because rainbows aren't yours


--- as i lay me down to sleep...


Are there for us to dream about

-they make us happy

-they make us sad

I am a dreamer

And I dream on

Day and night no end.

For as long as the sun shines

Day by day

And the moon beams

Night after night

There's always a thing or two

To dream of.

Sleep and dream,

Wake up and dream.

Nobody can stop you.

Nobody will.

For all of us are dreamers.

In this world.

Dream on as I do.

I am a dreamer.

And this I know

Dreams are dreams.

Dreams will be dreams

Until we believe...